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Family Photo Album

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My sweet AMMA & ACHAN

Achan & Amma are very loving & caring and both have been a good father & mother to me. Words are inadequate to describe them and their sacrifices of all the good times for me & my brother. Amma & Achan are the beginning and the ultimate for me, my brother & my sister.


Our sweet HOME

We built our sweet home in 2000,February.


we took this photograph during my brother's wedding day


My Sweet Brother & Sister

my sister entered my brother's life in 2005 feb 7th. Both are very understanding & fun loving and are the best bro and sis one can hope for. Both are presently living in dubai. chechi is working in a shipping co. as a engineer & my brother is working in esab middle east, jebel ali, dubai, as an accountant.